Why do we worship?

We worship both to Praise our God and to learn about Him and His word. This way we can build a stronger relationship with Him and live our lives for Him. To do this we must be constantly building our faith and learning more and more about God’s word.

When do we worship?

We worship twice every Sunday

Morning service at 10am: Preaching of our Creation, Sin, and Salvation

Afternoon service at 2:30pm: Explanation of our understanding of the Bible using our confessions

How do we worship?

Our worship services focus on the preaching of the Bible. The Bible is read in every worship service and is central to our belief, our church, and our worship. A sermon is prepared to expound on the Bible and on our confessions which are used as a tool to teach us about the Bible. We also sing songs from our Book of Praise (which can be borrowed at the back of our worship hall). We gather to worship our God and Saviour so many members are dressed in formal or semi-formal attire.

Where do we worship?

173354 County Road 25